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These are the six most powerful words I have. A multi-certified human resource professional, I have extensive experience unlocking leadership potential and so much more.


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Coaching is not just for executives. In fact, the first time leader benefits most from having a coach because they have yet to develop habits that can hold them back later in their career.
Unlike the executive coach, the early leader coach does not have to “un-teach” and can instead focus on the skills that will enable the leader to be successful. 

I provide the early leader with tools, resources, and feedback they can use right away. Whether it is a short-term coaching to address something specific or a long-term arrangement to build a skillset, I have flexible and affordable options to meet your needs that include coaching:

  • One on one
  • As a group
  • In person
  • Remote
  • Short or long-term


Training and development are essential to a successful business. Not only is it critical for success, it enables companies to compete in today’s marketplace. 

Unfortunately, many small and mid-sized organizations don’t have, and cannot afford in-house training programs their leaders and employees need to rise above the competition. 

I can provide you with an affordable option that is tailored to your particular needs and customized for your business. Whether it is an hour or an all-day program; here is some of what I have to offer: 

  • Human Resources 101
  • Basic Employment Law
  • Leadership 101
  • Effective Feedback
  • Email Etiquette
  • Engaging Meetings
  • Meaningful Employee Recognition