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Have you ever wondered what happens to the moon during an eclipse? This hungry little mouse knows. Experience a total lunar eclipse through the eyes and imagination of an 8-year-old. Elisa Rian Cunha. 

AE: You wrote your book in 2015, how was it initially received? 

ERC: My papa was really proud of me. So was my mom. They were the first people to ever see it. My best friend Cameron was the first person to see it that was not in my family. She really liked the story. 

AE: You recently did a book signing where you sold out of all your  English copies. Were you surprised by that? 

ERC: Yes. I was really surprised. I did not know that that many people were coming.

AE: I was surprised to see that The Mouse Who Ate The Moon is also available in Portuguese, what made you choose that over 
other languages? 

ERC: Well my papa only speaks Portuguese to me and I have Portuguese relatives so that’s why my papa wanted to do it.  

AE: Is the book available in other countries? How has it been received? 

ERC: The book is available in other countries. A few copies have been sold in Canada, Portugal, and England.

AE: In the book, you don’t name the mouse, but did the mouse have a name when you were writing the story, or now?

ERC: I never really thought about giving the mouse a name. A couple days ago a little boy asked me that and I said he could pick the name. But I think a good name would be Cheesy. 

AE: How involved were you with picking an illustrator and the final illustrations?

ERC: My papa chose the illustrator. She also drew my face for the Team Elise shirt for the last two years. I saw the illustrations and I approved them.

AE: What do you hope people take away from reading your book?

ERC: I want people to learn about the phases of the moon and the science behind it.

AE: What do your siblings think about your book?

ERC: They love it!

AE: What do your friends and classmates think of you being a published author?

ERC: They are amazed.

AE: Do you have advice for other young people who might want to write a book?

ERC: Let their creativity flow and write with their heart.

AE: Do you have plans for more books?

ERC: Yes! 3 books are ready to be edited and then published.

AE: What do you like to read and do you have a favorite author?

ERC: My favorite authors are J.K. Rowling (I have read all 8 Harry Potter books) and Rick Riordan (I am on the House of Hades book).

AE: Besides being a pioneer as a young author, you are also a pioneer in that at age 6 you were the youngest person to be enrolled in a trial for a bionic pancreas being that you have T1D, also known as Type 1 Diabetes. What kind of effect has that had on you personally? 

ERC: It was awesome. I made new friends and I got to eat so many sweets to try to bust the bionic pancreas  (Oreos, cookies, s’mores, etc.). 

AE: In the last nine years you have had over 1,500 people walking for Team Elise raising money for T1D in Dallas, Toronto, Lisbon, Maputo, Little Rock and Abu Dhabi! You and your team have also raised over 100K for JDRF. How does it make you feel to know you are having such a positive effect on increasing awareness and making a difference? 

ERC: I feel happy that I’m making a difference and I hope that they find a cure to type 1 diabetes. 

AE: What do you want people to know about T1D and those that haveit? 

ERC: That we’re not different and we’re as awesome as everyone else.

AE: You are a remarkable young person and have already made a bigger impact than some adults. Do you have any goals for the next few years?

ERC: Help find a cure for type 1 diabetes, learn how to cook and publish lots of books. Elise, I thank you for doing this interview, I hope you write more books and no matter what you do I am sure you will be successful.

 ERC: You’re welcome.


The Mouse Who Ate The Moon by Elise Rian Cunha

By Anthony T. Eaton   |   November 2017