Personal leadership requires that we not allow others to treat us with any less respect and dignity than they expect for themselves. It does not matter if we are in the boardroom or the living room; no one has the right to use us for their convenience to serve a personal agenda, build themselves up by tearing us down, take advantage of our kindness and generosity or expect that they are guaranteed space in our life based on their position or relationship with to us. 

We can accept and forgive while at the same time walking away from people and situations that do not support, add value to our lives and allow us to grow. Forgiveness, after all, is for us, not someone else When we allow situations to control us, let someone treat us as lesser or with irrelevance, we diminish our ability to be the person we are meant to be and we stunt our spiritual and emotional growth. 

Personal leadership requires courage to look deep within ourselves and recognize our worth and potential. Courage to let go of things that hold us back and hinder our growth; only then can we begin to achieve all that is meant for us. 

We must all take charge of our own lives and have the strength and courage not to relinquish control to others or allow ourselves to become a victim of situations that we find ourselves in. We cannot depend on others to validate our worth and fill those spaces within us or our lives that feel incomplete or empty. Everything we need is within us, and it is a just a matter of looking for it, finding it, and using it.  We must have faith that there is a plan and design for us and not let our progress be hindered by obstacles and perceived roadblocks we encounter.I hope that this is something that resonates with you, for me, these are all things I have to remind myself of on my journey.



[  "You don't need a title to be a leader - and having a title doesn't make you one."  ]


By Anthony T. Eaton   |   January 2018