THE TIE GUY, Taylor Camp

By Anthony T. Eaton   |   APRIL 2018

[  "You don't need a title to be a leader - and having a title doesn't make you one."  ]




When someone says fashion magazine most people probably think that they started with women’s fashion, but in reality, the first known fashion magazine was started by a man for men in 1672. Of course, we have come a long way since then. Today men want to know about more than just fashion, they want to know about health, fitness, and lifestyle.

Recently I stumbled across a great site called the TIE GUY and was first drawn in by the clean simplicity of it, then, after reading some of the content decided it would be worthwhile to interview its creator Taylor Camp.

AE: Can you describe the TIE GUY for my readers?

TC: I am a men’s journalist talk and I write about men’s grooming, styling, and lifestyle. I also currently work with a gym on their social media branding and partner with other well-known brands. It has been quite the ride.

AE: You started the TIE GUY on Tumblr, what was your initial inspiration?

TC: I started dressing better in college, buying ties for a dollar at the Salvation Army, I was finding these great pieces from the 1950’s and started talking about them on the internet.

AE: How has the TIE GUY evolved since then?

TC: At first I was just posting on like a mood board that fit my brand. What I am known for more now is my website. Now I mostly post on and my website and Instagram. A lot of social platforms have died, and it has been a journey to see what has survived.

AE: You currently write for the Men’s Health MVP Network, tell us more about that.

TC: That program has been stopped but I am writing for another magazine, Shifted which is about men’s lifestyle and vintage watches.

AE: You have had the opportunity to work with some very well-known established brands such as Armani Exchange and DSW. What was the first brand you partnered with and was that initial experience like?

: The first brand I worked with was a tie company from London. I don’t know if he is still in existence but I thought it was a super big deal at the time. Now it is just
part of my day today. The first paid partnership was with a hair cutting brand called Shortcut. You would schedule an appointment and they would come to your home. They cut my hair in Central Park. I was getting paid for my writings on Men’s Health at the time. It wasn’t a lot of money at first. The first big paid partnership was with Oral B to post on Instagram, Twitter, and my website

AE: What are the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to fashion?

TC: Not wearing the clothes that fit or compliment them well. Like squared shoes, pants that don’t fit, ties that are too wide.

AE: For someone just starting to build their wardrobe what should they spend their money on?

TC: A blue blazer, brown shoes, a blue or grey suit, V-neck sweater, a nice pair of denim pants, shorts, a white button-down shirt.

AE: Is there a
grooming product for men?

TC: Sunscreen

AE: What are your favorite men’s grooming products?

TC: I like a lot of these shaving startups like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club.

AE: Would you consider yourself to be a “leader” in what you do?

TC: I don’t like to call myself a leader but I consider myself a person to reach out to, friends, family members, helping other men to dress better. My brand has grown into more of how to take care of yourself, live a longer and healthier life.

AE: Do you have any role models?

TC: Not really. People I look up to are like Cary Grant, Hitchcock, the 40’s and 50’s, the art deco style. Noonein particular, more of the area and classic style.

AE: What are your thoughts on trends in fashion or health?

TC: The way I dress does not really change and that is why I have grown my brand more into wine, food, and health. Men’s style does not really change so I have continued to wear what I have for the last few years. I get pieces sent to me here and there from different brands have pieces I could wear forever.

AE: What is next for you?

TC: Continue to work for PR firms, have more paid collaborations, brand myself more and do what I feel is right.

The TIE GUY is worth saving as one of your favorites! You can also see more from Taylor Camp on his Twitter and Instagram pages. Taylor Camp lives in New York City and has a Bachelor of Science in Communication.